Monthly Character Trait

    Character Trait for October:  Fairness
    Definition:  To be open minded; the ability to consider differing viewpoints          

    Guiding Principles

    OLC's Guiding Principles


    Olympia Learning Center envisions a school where students are engaged in a curriculum preparing them to be responsible citizens, objective thinkers, academic achievers and life-long learners.
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    Daily Announcements

    IF you were denied a high school diploma solely because you were unsuccessful in passing the exit exam, please click ACT 155 HS Diploma Petition.jpeg:
    For more information click Get Your HS Diploma.jpeg:

    Two Olympia Teacher Teams were awarded $1000.00 Colonial Life Strong School Grants. 

    Mr. Thereon Jamison, teacher on special assignment, and Mrs. Doris Williams, science teacher at Olympia Learning Center were awarded a  grant  for their  project entitled, “Green Homes: Why the Conservation of Thermal Energy is Important.” The project is collaboration between the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEMs) Department and the middle school’s science department. 

    Math teachers, Mr. Akwiembi Jackson, Ms. Rebecca Sons and Mr. Nizamuddin Ameer, were awarded a grant for their project entitled “Mathematics in Architectural Design and Construction: The Projection of Geometric Design as a Work of Art.”

    Grant recipients will be honored during the Strong Schools’ Grant Awards’ Reception on Oct. 30th at the Colonial Life Building.


    "Carrying the Torch for
    Student Achievement" 

    Crystal Star Award Program Winner
    Award of Excellence in Dropout Prevention,
    Intervention and Prevention
    National Dropout Prevention Network

    OLC School Pledge

    Pledge: I pledge commitment to my academic and career goals, for these shall determine my future. I pledge cooperation in all school tasks, for together we can overcome deficiencies and resolve problems. I pledge competence in the classroom and workplace, for these experiences are stepping-stones to my success. I pledge consideration and respect for all humanity, for my rights end where another individual's begin. I pledge to put forth every effort to be the best that I can be. And I will strive to bring pride to myself, my parents, and my school.

    Motto: Whatever my mind can conceive and believe, I will achieve.

    District Mission Statement

    We are Richland One, a leader in transforing lives through education, empowering All students to reach thier potential and dreams.

    A Tour of Our School

    We welcome all to visit. Take a moment to take video tour our school.

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    Olympia Learning Center's Mission Statement

    The Olympia Learning Center will provide opportunities for students to reach their maximum potential through diverse and innovative academic, career, support, and life skills programs in an alternative setting using non-traditional and challenging approaches that foster collaboration among staff, post secondary institutions, and community agencies.

    Richland One District Mission Statement

    We are Richland One, a leader in transforming lives through education, empowering all students to achieve their potential and dreams.

    A Message from the Principal


    My name is Ericka R. Hursey and this will be my first year at Olympia Learning Center.


    Upcoming Events

    Friday, October 24
    Professional Development/Student Holiday
    Red Ribbon Week
    Tuesday, October 28
    New Students' Orientation
    Wednesday, October 29
    Delayed start for high schools
    Thursday, October 30
    New Students' Orientation